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Roderick Shaw is a versatile artist, equally at home playing piano or harpsichord or conducting an orchestra. Indeed, he combined the two for many years, directing his own baroque orchestra from the keyboard in true 18th century fashion. Now he enjoys performing both with symphony orchestras and in chamber music with renowned soloists in a repertoire ranging from Bach to Ligeti.

Furthermore Roderick Shaw has long been fascinated by the dynamic processes between an orchestra and its conductor. The pianist, musicologist (Cambridge University) and conductor has many years of management experience with his own chamber orchestra and is now a freelance performer with Germany′s top orchestras and opera houses. He gives individual coaching and appears as speaker and consultant in management seminars.

A tutorial in ten lessons by Roderick Shaw

”My name is Rod Shaw and I've been playing orchestral piano for over 30 years with some of the world's finest orchestras. Now I'm going to share all the insider information you need to know to be a winner in this highly competitive field.
What took me years to learn, you can have literally at your fingertips from this tutorial. Learn how to play with an orchestra, find out which pieces you really need to have ”on demand” and know which ones to avoid if possible, and you'll be first call, the person they'll always ask first and keep on calling.”